We have made the pertinent and protocol changes regarding the daily cleaning and disinfection of our building:

  • We will increase the frequency of disinfection, especially in: elevator keypads, handrails, stairs, door handles.
  • Customers will find hydro-alcoholic gel on all floors of the building, we will also have a stock of gloves and masks for their purchase and customers will be invited to use them upon entering the building and while they remain in common areas.
  • Signage to guarantee the safety distance between people.
  • Keys-card protocol: sanitization after check-out.
  • Express check-in & check-out.
  • After each Check out, the apartment will be disinfected using ozone machines and subsequently ventilated for at least two hours.
  • The apartments are cleaned and disinfected within the established protocol with virulent disinfectants, all of them approved by the Ministry of Health.
  • Clothes and textile washing with special programs to guarantee maximum hygiene. In this sense, during the washing phase the clothes are subjected to a temperature of 75-80ºC for a minimum time of 10 minutes with a dose of 35% hydrogen peroxide of 2-3 kg of clothes, which guarantees thermo disinfection -chemistry of it.
  • During drying, the clothes will reach temperatures close to 100 ºC, which ensures thermal disinfection.
  • All our personnel are trained in prevention and hygiene measures and have passed the course on Specific Risks of the COVID-19 job position.