Best house Best Place is a sustainable vacation rental family Business, born from the desire to host and share with people our beautiful houses, located in unique spots that connect directly with my heart, with my vocation to do it in a sustainable way.

My mother is the one who taught me to share Mallorca houses, a wonderful woman to whom I owe everything I am, she showed me way of hosting people at home, and inspired my business model: altruistic, generous and focused on the happiness of visitors.

After reforming the houses and starting my business in Mallorca, I soon expanded it to Barcelona, my adopted city; my dear Barcelona, which in 2011 was the first city in the world to obtain the Biosphere destination certification;
In Barcelona, in the Borne neighborhood, I had the opportunity to acquire a small building in front of the Basilica of Santa Maria del Mar; When I first visited it and saw the stained glass windows lit from what could be my property, I immediately fell in love, I just found another unique place that should undoubtedly be part of Best House Best Place.

The Santa Maria del Mar building was devastated, it took me time and effort to rebuild it and bring it back to its 1800 aspect, as that was a fundamental prerequesite to me, to respect the history and culture of the area, and I think I succeeded; At the same time, being a total renovation, it was the opportunity to implement green energy as well as modern and sustainable appliances; so did I, and now the solar panels assure the building 70% of the sanitary hot water…

When the time came to furnish the apartments, it has been a pleasure to contract local carpenters who built most of the furniture, and to illuminate the apartments with Celeste lamps, a local artist who is still not fully conscious of her art.

The development and organization of my company has gone in parallel with the birth and growth of my son, who has just turned 7 years old; In our education, the main values that we set for Tomás are: respect for others, respect for things, and respect for himself

These are the values of BEST HOUSE BEST PLACE

  • Respect for others is given by the commitment to work for environmental protection and sustainability, social inclusion, dignity and equality, solidarity and pluralism as well as promoting local and proximity tourism and responsible communication

We promote a friendly and responsible tourism that is welcome, that enjoys the benefits of the place and wants to come back.

  • respectful of the place, its culture, its beaches and its nature. We expect our guests to enjoy our beaches with respect, to enter our crystal clear water to observe native marine species without harming them, to get lost in our Mallorcan garrigue forests without leaving a human print; to get lost in Barcelona and be delighted with its art and culture, leaving all the elements intact.

I must tell you that my close relationship with my guests helped me a lot to improve, perhaps it is the time and the place to thank them, because through my desire to achieve excellence I have been guided by their suggestions to optimize the facilities; In the process, I noticed that my guests are becoming more and more committed to the sustainability purposes of my company, and consequently more respectful for themselves,

I had long heard about sustainability without being fully aware of its real meaning; Lately I decided to investigate and I understood that sustainability is my way of life, these values are the same I want to transmit to my son.

Well, this is my proposal and my commitment to all of you and to society; Finally, I would like to tell you that BEST HOUSE BEST PLACE, in the future, assumes the role of a tourist rental management company, as a reference and quality mark, in accordance with the guidelines of the Biosphere mark and the World Charter for Sustainable Tourism +20.

I wish you a happy sustainable holiday,